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Why This Kolaveri Di Song

The title track "Why Kolaveri Di" is from the movie "Three" or 3 are asked to be released in 2012. The music video was released several days and became a big hit on the internet word. The video-sharing sites, the number of hits is approaching nearly 2 million, which is very large indeed believed that the video is just a few days old. In addition, many of Facebook and other social networks, video sharing. Even the lyrics have become very popular because some are even tweeting and texting friends to the track.

"Why Kolaveri Di" means "why a murderous rage, girl," is a song sung by Dhanush the actor who happens to be the son of legend Rajnikant Tamil. The video shows that he has this song and other celebrities like Aishwarya Dhanush film director and producer Shruti Haasan gives tips. Conductors are made up tunes in 20 minutes and within minutes they were transcoding. It is interesting that Dhanush is an actress and not known that this song ability, but he wrote the lyrics of this song and sing at the same time.

This track is sung in the Tamil language, with lots of English words. Many describe this phenomenon as "Tanglish" means the fusion of Tamil and English. Although the words and are in Tamil and English words come with a strong accent Tamil, the song became very popular, not only in the state of Tamil Nadu in India, but crossed all barriers and borders. Many radio stations other than those issued by the regional Tamil song for the first time. This song was also played in the Hindi-speaking states of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh.

The question is why this song became a national hit? In nearly all cases, Tamil films rarely seen outside Tamil Nadu, but the Indians witnessed a musical treasure overcame the language barrier. If the track is heard correctly, everyone is able to understand the music, understand whether Tamil or not.

Gross research shows that young people like this song because it represents those individuals who at least once in their lives have been affected by a broken heart. The second track is very catchy, and it almost looks as if it were composed music for people to sing in the bathroom. Thirdly, the text is a work of art as if it created a new trend in language, where the Tamil and English are melted so that the song represents the common people, and thus speaks in real life.

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