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Obama rejects Keystone permit

The Obama administration Wednesday refused to approve the Keystone XL pipeline, says Congress set the deadline left little time to evaluate the route that would prevent the aquifer in Nebraska.

In refusing permission, however, said the U.S. Department of Canadian Pipeline Company Trans Canada Corp. may re-establish the relationship between the tar sands in Alberta and Gulf Coast refineries.

Trans-Canada CEO Russ Girling said the company was disappointed, but again for mapping different routes in the vicinity of Ogallala magazine, a source of drinking and irrigation water later this year.

The pipeline was the election year by lightning across the political spectrum. Republican and industry leaders are painting a way to create jobs and improve energy security of the United States. Environmentalists and many Democrats argue that the pipeline will support specific pollutants as oil and can threaten water supplies.

President Barack Obama - is facing pressure from key constituencies on both sides of the issue - trying to give its decision on the Republican lawmakers.

"Hurried and arbitrary deadline insisted on congressional Republicans to prevent a full assessment of the pipeline effect, especially health and safety of the American people, as well as the environment,''Obama said." As a result, the Minister recommended that the application is rejected. And after the message went through the Foreign Ministry, I agree. "

The state department has the power, because the pipeline would cross international borders.

Pipeline opponents vowed to oppose any attempt by Trans Canada for recycling, and Congressional Republicans who supported Keystone XL vowed to renew their efforts in favor of the pipeline.

"This is not the end game," said the House John Boehner, R-Ohio.

Republicans forced Obama's hand last month; including the Feb. 21 deadline for a decision in Keystone no legislation extending popular tax cuts wages.

He accuses the term

Assistant Secretary of State Kerri-Ann Jones said Wednesday that the term was not enough time to study alternative routes and avoid separation from recommendations to Obama, whether the proposal is in the national interest.

Obama said, refusing to consent "is not a decision on the merits in the pipeline, but any sign of a period that prevents the Department to gather information necessary for approval of the project and protect the American people."

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper pushed for the approval of the pipeline, and Obama called Harper to communicate decisions.

Obama faces the prospect of disruption of Democratic supporters no matter what is decided: Environmental advocates and some Democratic fundraisers against the pipe, and some unions argue for it says will create thousands of jobs in manufacturing and construction.

Girling said that he hoped that the Department may accelerate approval of new applications in time for the pipeline on-line at the end of 2014, the company previous target date.

Jones said he did not know whether the ministry can fulfill this plan. Department will have a new review of the application, but can use data from the previous review of the application, said Jones.

After treatment at the energy summit in Houston, the CEO of ConocoPhillips, James Mulva denial Keystone affords "a significant lost opportunity for America."

"If America turns, the next step forward for this oil," said Mulva. "Oil sands are very attractive for the fast growing Asian countries."

"Election year stunt"

Other Keystone XL supporters blasted the government decision as politically motivated.

"Today's announcement is nothing more than an election year, a bit late to make difficult decisions require real leader," said Republican Pete Olson, R-Sugar Land, a member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

Jack Gerard, president of the American Petroleum Institute, said his group will examine the legislative and legal options, including the court to the pipeline built.

Keystone XL enemies say his supporters increase the number of jobs will be created. They argue that the pipeline will bring new oil to the U.S. several years instead redirect already imported Canadian crude oil from the Midwest to the Gulf Coast, where refiners would export the finished product.

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