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Slightly thicker iPad 3 cases begin production

When the new Apple hardware product in the pipeline of various companies that manufacture accessories to see tried to get products to market as soon as possible. Sometimes change can only anticipate what's new AS unit, but sometimes you can get leaks from the supply chain of Apple. Today there are reports, which something powerful about the iPad 3 shares began.

Last year, many cases, producers have proposed two wrong with the iPhone 5, made in the case of a wider thinner phones. According to reports 9To5 COMPANY Mac began sending cases to other Verziere iPad.

One such company Chinees China began selling cases, the device called iPad 2S, music, follow the development of the iPhone 4S. Previous rumors see the view from the next iPad send him look like the current model, but a bit stronger. The case claimed IS FROM 1 millimeter thicker chassis fit the new model.

Case, the manufacturer claims that none of the information supply chain, Apple, and in these cases should be in sales Woe fact may mean that tame dimensions are in the neighborhood. Two is the recent report claimed that new monitors began to manufacture Apple may even show a device next month.

But perhaps my mind that just because the company began selling cases for the new iPad model that does not mean that they are correct. Prost city can be found using various rumors about the device come with the product, muesli that the city was appropriate when revealing new Apple iPad.

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